Defeater is an experimental hardcore project centered around the story of a family from WWII. Based off characters from lead vocalist and lyricist Derek Archambault’s life, the dense discography tells the family’s tale through each member’s eyes. Defeater don’t follow the trajectory that the scene has established; they’re prone to immense experimentation both sonically and lyrically. They’ve produced most of this dynamic tale in guitarist Jay Maas’ Boston studio, allowing them to reach a more clearly defined goal. Defeater has planned the story’s trajectory since their inception, and continue to release conceptual records within the project’s overarching story.

Defeater specifically tells the tale of a younger brother, born to an abusive, alcoholic father who is a war veteran. His older brother looks up to their father despite these problems and puts up with the mother despite her inability to remove them. The second release, “The Lost Ground EP” tells of a homeless street performer, the “Prophet in Plain Clothes”, who exists as an outside source for the whole story. Full-lengths one and two are from the younger and older brother’s eyes, respectively, and the newest release “Letters Home” tells the story from the father’s perspective. Check out the band performing powerful tracks from across their career.

Session Tracklist
1. Brothers
2. Dear Father
3. Bastards
4. Dead Set
5. No Savior

Band Members
Derek Archambault – Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Mike Poulin – Bass
Joe Longobardi – Drums
Jay Maas – Guitar and Vocals
Jake Woodruff – Guitar and Vocals

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