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Audiotree Live

Live sessions filmed and recorded in Chicago.

Far Out

Far Out is an Audiotree series where we step outside our studio
to record artists in unusual environments.

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Venom Prison

Audiotree Live

Venom Prison is a sensational death metal quintet whose blistering guitar work, visceral vocal work and catastrophic rhythms are an inspiration in the experimental metal scene. Their willingness to alter traditional formulas in favor of deeply felt melancholy puts them at the top of up and coming performers. Their explosive sounds draw you in and melody amidst the chaos keeps you attentive for each brutal breakdown. Check out the stellar performance by Venom Prison live at Audiotree.


together PANGEA

Audiotree Concerts

In 2010, songwriter William Keegan penned a few lo-fi garage punk tunes to a 4 track tape machine. He brought in three close friends to actualize his quick-moving, jangly jams and create what is known today as together PANGEA. The quartet blends 60's surf/psych rock, post-punk and alternative rock to form bouyant, energetic anthems. Check out the rad performance by together PANGEA live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

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