C.H.E.W. is a hardcore band with thrash and anarcho-punk elements. They write super intense, raw tunes with relentless, chaotic instrumental noise. Check out the rad performance by C.H.E.W. live on Audiotree.

1. Half Pint
2. Futile Pursuit
3. Poor Odds
4. Feeding Frenzy
5. Repeat Offenders
6. Violation
7. Gag Order
8. Noise Square
9. Belly Up
10. Neuroleptics
11. Negative Nancy
12. Dirge
13. Patience
14. Burden
15. Defeatist

Band Members
Doris Jeane - Vocals (spokesperson of the revolution)
Russell Harrison - Bass
Jono Giralt - Drums
Ben Rudolph - Guitar

Chicago, IL

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