Summer Cannibals

Summer Cannibals is a rock band whose recent album "Can't Tell Me No" was released on Tiny Engines in July 2019. The record is a huge leap forward from songwriter Jessica Boudreaux who scrapped an entire album after separating from a toxic creative and personal relationship. The new jams are about wrestling with your past and moving on; defining what was hurtful but choosing to progress rather than dwell on the wounds. Check out the cathartic performance by Summer Cannibals live at Audiotree.

1. False Anthem
2. Spin
3. One of Many
4. Hesitation
5. Staring at the Sun
6. Can't Tell Me No

Band Members
Jessica Boudreaux - Vocals and Guitar
Cassi Blum - Guitar
Ethan Butman - Bass
Devon Shirley - Drums

Portland, OR

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