Olden Yolk

Olden Yolk is the collaborative songwriting project of multi-instrumentalist Shane Butler. The project initially functioned as a moniker for Butler to release one-offs and singles under while touring with Quilt, but over time morphed into his full-time pursuit. The result is a harmonious, melancholic, and mystical brand of low key alt-folk with quirky, abstract lyricism.

Session Tracklist
1. Cut to the Quick
2. Vital Sign
3. Esprit de Corps
4. After Us
5. Takes One to Know One

New York, NY

Band Members
Shane Butler - Vocals, Guitar, and Sampler
Caity Shaffer - Vocals, Keys, and Sampler
Jesse DeFrancesco - Guitar and Keys
Pete Wagner - Bass and Vocals
Dan Drohan - Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.