Little Junior

Little Junior is a hectic power pop/queer punk quintet who write insanely catchy, frazzled tunes. Their debut album "Hi" is written from lead singer/guitarist Rane Elliot-Armstrong's perspective and touches on topics like body positivity, self-acceptance and disgust at willful ignorance around sexual identity issues. Tonally the record is upbeat, fun and poppy but this undercurrent of political cynicism highlights Little Junior's depth and self-awareness.   

Session Tracklist
1. Denial
2. Crooked Tooth
3. Pump
4. Buzz Off
5. Prime
6. Cry Baby

Toronto, ON

Band Members
Rane Elliott-Armstrong - Vocals and Guitar
Lucas Meilach-Boston - Guitar and Vocals
Jackson Beyer - Bass and Vocals
Chai Elliott-Armstrong - Drums
Zoe Grossman - Guitar and Vocals

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